The Professional Voyeur

Unbound, 29 Aug 2019

Is the biography the literary equivalent of dragging out other people’s dirty laundry and spritzing it with pseudo-respectability as Janet Malcolm said? One award-winning biographer explores the value of excavating other people's lives, but also reveals why he has turned to fiction

What was the real relationship between Highsmith and her greatest creation, Tom Ripley? 

Would Poirot Have Solved the Skripal poisoning case?

Daily Telegraph, 21 March 2018

Agatha Christie and her fascination with poisons

How Christie Got Cool

Sunday Times Magazine, 7 May, 2017

With TV adaptations and films of her darker work in the pipeline, it seems that the crime writer is finally shedding her cosy image. Yet one puzzle remains unsolved, says the novelist Andrew Wilson

The Posh Girl with a Criminal Mind

Tatler, June, 2017

Agatha Christie was raised in genteel luxury and had a vicious and cunning imagination that helped her become the most successful writer the world has ever seen – but only after a mysterious episode of her own. By Andrew Wilson 

Solved! The Last Agatha Christie Mystery

Event, June, 2017

Agatha Christie vanished in 1926, feared dead, in a real-life story every bit as dramatic as one of her crime novels. Here, acclaimed biographer Andrew Wilson reopens the case and presents a chilling new theory about her disappearance

Ruth Rendell’s last interview

The Independent, 23 March, 2013

Open and shut case: Is Ruth Rendell finally ready to open up about her puzzling personal life?

The fairest of them all...

Tatler, June, 2015

Why we’ll never get bored of looking at Audrey Hepburn

Book review: Our Israeli Diary: Of That Time, of That Place by Antonia Fraser

The Guardian, 3 January, 2017

A recently rediscovered diary of the writer’s 1978 trip to the Holy Land with Harold Pinter is wise and witty

Rupert Brooke's hidden love

The Telegraph, 11 March, 2000

The British Library released a collection of letters this week that reveal a volatile affair between one of England's great poets and a previously unknown lover. Andrew Wilson had exclusive access to the material

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